Easypak’s state-of-the-art 3D design/engineering department guarantees that your product will be showcased in a package designed for maximum safety, attractive presentation, and cost-effectiveness. We help you design your packaging – taking your idea from a drawing to a detailed prototype that is an accurate representation of your final package. This prototype helps you to visualize and test how your packaging will look and perform in real life.

This crucial design process – from idea to prototype – can be concluded in a short period of time.

After the prototype is approved, Easypak takes responsibility for tooling fabrication using best-of-industry tool shops in the New England area.

Easypak's knowledge of packaging, both domestically and internationally, offers you, the customer, a wide-angle-view of the industry and helps guarantee the finest packaging at an attractive price.

Easypak's knowledge of packaging can help customers to choose the right equipment for filling and sealing their package, for MAP applications, and for automation of their production process.

Easypak can also help with sourcing of lidding-film, shrink-wrapping film, shrink-bands, labels or any other packaging complement necessary to complete the packaging-project.

Easypak maintains close ties with leading equipment, film, and label producing firms.

Easypak's expertise in environmentally friendly materials can help customers to design a "green" packaging solution.
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Easypak's warehouse capacity assures a safety inventory of your packaging for J.I.D. and an uninterrupted service for you and your changing needs.

Easypak provides labeling services so you have the ability to purchase a pre-labeled lid, clamshell, or container, if desired.